How to Identify a Genuine Persian Rug?

Persian rugs are very popular with many people because they are by their production to one of the oldest art forms. The pattern of a Persian carpet are very special and make her a sought-after highlight in many homes. The Persian rug is characterized by a of high quality and also its durability . Once we have chose to buy a Persian rug, then one surely has his whole life long enjoyment. The problem with this type of carpet, however, is that you often can not be sure whether the Persian carpet is really genuine. An expert is therefore asked, if one inherits the carpet for example. Some may at any home the same test yourself and check to determine its authenticity.

Genuine Persian Rug

What is a genuine Persian rug?

A Persian rug is characterized by the fact that it was made ​​in Persia. Often this type of carpets is also called Oriental rugs, as they found its origin in the region. The tradition of Persian carpets has now been preserved for thousands of years. Genuine Persian rugs are of high quality and relatively expensive.

How to Identify a Genuine Persian Rugs authenticity

1. A true Persian is not error-free
Search on the back of the carpet at two different locations, a recurring pattern. Are there nodes that are not the same size or even exist errors in the color sequence, is handmade and therefore an indication that you hold a real Persians in hands.

2. A genuine Persian has size deviations
The width of the carpet at different locations and notes differences in the millimeter range, is it a hand-knotted rug

3. A genuine Persian has no sewn fringe
The fringe is not sewn, as is the case with a machine-knotted rug. Fold carpet, put on a fringe - to move associated with the fringe on a line nodes, so the warp forms through the carpet through the fringe.

4. A real Persians are only used natural fibers
Typically, there is a real Persians from cotton and sheep's wool. Sometimes silk is incorporated to accentuate the pattern in individual areas.

5. A real Persians comes from Persia / Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and Russia
Also in rebuilding areas from e.g. India and China are mostly devotional manual labor - but the quality is usually due to lack of materials and simpler knotting technique not given.

These are just some of the criteria that help to distinguish an original Persian rug from a duplicate. You should be safe when purchasing, that it is a genuine Persian rug.