How to Choose the Perfect Perfume for Every Occasion

Although it is not essential for survival, the sense of smell is important in today's time. Certain scents provoke in us pleasure or discomfort, depending on the type and intensity of the odor. It is also proven that body odor affects how we are appealing to other people. Thereby the fragrances play a significant role. Therefore, it is important that you wear a perfume that completely suits your style and external circumstances. In the continuation of this article learn how to choose the perfect perfume for every occasion.

Choose the Perfect Perfume for Every Occasion

The scent of flowers 

This type of perfume is one of the most popular because of the pleasant, and they have a mild aroma that suitable for any occasion. They are dominated by roses and lavender. Floral fragrances are recommended for occasions when you are in a romantic mood, and some of the best known are "Channel 5," "Daisy," "Light Blue" and the "Dolce & Gabbana."

Citrus perfumes 

This is a perfume made ​​from special blend of orange, lemon and the other citrus aromas. They are suitable for all living conditions, especially in the morning, this perfumes provide energy and the freshness.If you are one of those persons to whom it is important that every opportunity to be in top shape, definitely apply some of the citrus perfume as "Eau de Cartier" or "CK One Summer" by Calvin Klein.

Fruity perfumes 

Most of them are preferred for women who are constantly on the go, and the popular flavors are peach, mango, apples and berries. Experts say that they are suitable to go to a romantic dinner or going out with best friends. Some of the popular fruity perfume known are Escada's "Cherry In The Air" or "Ralph Wild" Ralph Lauren.

Oriental perfumes

They are strong, luxurious and instantly remind us to the richness and the exotic Orient. This glossy women's fragrances for a night out, because they are intense, unusual and very feminine. Because they are quite strong, keep in mind how much you are spraying to get the desired effect. You can try, for example, "Euphoria" by Calvin Klein.

How to Make Your Own Natural Hair Mask

Every problem that you have with your hair informs you something, usually telling you that your body lacks certain vitamins.  Here are a few recipes for natural hair masks that will help you solve almost all problems.

How to Make Your Own Natural Hair Mask

Oily hair
Oily hair says about the lack of the vitamin B, E and F, iodine and metabolic disorders. It is necessary to eat less sweet, sour and fatty foods, and a variety of grains, nuts, eggs, fish and fruit. Anti greasy hair effectively operates mask with lemon juice, bring you recipes for two simple mask:

Mask for oily hair:

1. Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with one egg yolk and one tablespoon of honey. Apply the mask on your hair when it is dry, apply first to the scalp and then spread to the entire length of the hair. Leave to act for 15-20 minutes and wash the hair with shampoo.

2. Mix five tablespoons of lemon juice with one egg yolk and a tablespoon of oil thistle. Apply the mask on your hair and leave it to act for about 15 or 20 minutes. Then wash the hair with shampoo.

Slow hair growth 
If your bones are growing too slowly, you are missing the B group vitamins, especially vitamin B3. Milk, cottage cheese, turkey and brewer's yeast capsules will help you to solve this problem. Use the following mask:

Mask for better hair growthOne tablespoon of juice squeezed from the port mix with one teaspoon of thistle oil and one egg yolk. Rub the mask in the hair roots, and after an hour wash your hair with shampoo.

Dry and brittle hair
Dry and brittle hair can talk about a lack of vitamin A and calcium, chronic fatigue, and about possible kidney disease. Doctors advise you to think about your diet, eat carrots with olive oil or butter, cottage cheese, chicken or veal liver. In addition, it is desirable to promote your hair once a week following a nourishing mask:

One teaspoon of yeast pours half a glass of yogurt and leaves the mixture at least an hour to stand in order to avoid fermentation. First, apply the mask on the hair roots, and then distribute its entire length. After 40-50 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo and rinse it with warm water to which you add a little lemon juice.

Dandruff occurs when the body lacks vitamin's B group and when our immune system is weakened. This problem can best be solved fruits and vegetables, and we recommend the following mask:

Anti-Dandruff Mask

Three tablespoons red wine mix with one teaspoon of honey and a quarter cup of cream. Apply the mask on your hair, and after an hour, wash it with shampoo.

Light hair
Hair typically turns or because of too much stress, or when you lack vitamin B8 and C, folic acid and iron. In the latter case, the diet must contain sufficient amounts of protein and fat. Hair should comb with a wide-toothed comb, and against hair, loss is great and Burdock oil, which should be rubbed into the scalp, and  shampoo. You can get help from the following mask:

Restorative Hair Mask

Mix one tablespoon of fresh cabbage juice, one egg, one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of castor oil. Apply the mask on the hair found on the head of a bathing cap and wrap it with a towel. Leave the mask on our head for an hour and then wash your hair with shampoo.

How to Safely Remove Blackheads From a Child

When your child starts breaking the skin with acne, whiteheads or blackheads, you wonder where his smooth skin, clear off. Blackheads are embarrassing for most children as they grow and begin to worry about appearances. Each type of acne is caused by the same type of problem. Blackheads are a type of acne only your child may have to deal with.

The pores of your child can sometimes be blocked by things like dead skin, bacteria and oils. If this happens and clogged pores to remain open, the top of anything that clog pores of his dark, causing blackheads can appear on the skin. If these pores is to close at the top, it will lead to Whitehead to form instead. Acne most commonly begins during puberty, with eight of the 10 preteens and teens dealing with acne.

How to Safely Remove Blackheads From a Child
Acne often appears during the stages of life due to hormonal changes that occur, cause the sebaceous glands to become more active.

This gland is located in the dermis and worked to put out the oil into your skin. It's normal for young children to get pimples, too, whether it's because your child has inherited it, she is wearing clothes that are as well tight, she took certain medications, such as Corticosteroids, or because the oils from the skin of his head.

Prevent Of Blackhead

Avoid and minimize the possibility of serious acne or blackheads, to eliminate the problem. Your child shall shower at least twice a day, especially after he's already sweating. Sweat can increase the occurrence of acne. Period of time in the bathroom, wash your child's skin with a gentle soap and warm water. He had to use his hand to rub softly instead of applying a washcloth. Your child ought to stay away touching the face with hands, as this can cause acne. Tell your child to avoid the hair gel or hair spray on his face, as this can block the pores.

How to Treat Blackheads

if your child previously had blackheads, you can take care of them in various ways. Remind your child to ignore squeezing blackheads, so it can often make them worse. Willing to buy your child a blackhead medications over-the-counter in the form of gels, lotions or cleansers which contained benzoyl peroxide, support your child using this medication as directed and keep at it, because it can sometimes take several weeks or longer to see results. If this drug is not going to help, perhaps you need to take your child to see a dermatologist, who can determine its acne medication prescribed more powerful, for example gels, creams and antibiotics.

How to Carefully Clean Leather Furniture

Leather is the most durable materials for upholstery furniture. Leather furniture, however, demands proper care to avoid eventually dry out and break. Besides the leather furniture sensitive to common cleaning materials, hence the incorrect cleaning methods can do harm. Regular cleansing and proper maintenance will assist to take rid of the grime and retain the look of Your leather sofa or plush seats for old age. There are general guidelines for the care and cleaning of the rooms, which are suitable for most types of leather furniture.

how to clean leather furniture

How to care and clean leather furniture
Typically, leather furniture does not require daily attention. Regularly clean the dust and dirt from furniture and then dry it with a soft dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a gentle light touch. A gap tool to help reach places inaccessible.

Clean the soil from the leather furniture is recommended using neutral soap and water. A little foam soap a wet fabric to wipe off the foam and furniture. Do not use soap directly on the peel. Make sure that the fabric is not too wet, the skin's surface is not soaked with water. The leather furniture is not waterproof material and this can cause damage. And then clean with furniture foam residue, wipe dry with a towel and allow it dry in the air for some time. Do not dry the leather furniture  exposed to direct sunlight or a hair dryer.

After the furniture dry, treat with a leather furniture conditioner. This will help restore lost moisture, keeping back the elasticity and protects the surface of the cover.

How to
Mix one part of table vinegar with two parts olive or linseed oil. DAB a bit of conditioner to a clean cotton cloth, gently treat the leather furniture with a circular motion and leave for 12 hours. Then clean with a dry cloth to yield it a shine. Do not use conditioner directly to the leather furniture . Use Conditioner every 6-12 months.

To remove the spilled drinks (tea, coffee) and fatty foods (ketchup, mayonnaise) dispelling immediately leather furniture from contamination from the surface with a paper towel, being careful not to push to prevent penetrate into the pores of the leather furniture . Clean the stain from the outer edge to the center of a clean cloth moistened with a diluted solution of neutral soap, and pat dry using a towel.

- Do not use cleansers and leather furniture care containing aggressive chemicals that can harm the covers. Always check before applying the detergent used in areas that are not striking to make sure it is safe for the leather furniture

- Put your leather sofa or Chair in a space of not less than 50 cm from heat sources such as heaters or radiators. Do not expose them to direct sunlight or heat. All of these can make drying and leather furniture  discoloration.

Maintenance Tips - How to Keep Your Car From Overheating

Staying with the car stopped due to the engine overheating is very unpleasant and depending on where the problem appears can be life-threatening. Some basic precautions are enough to maintain the cooling system working smoothly, preventing overheating and possible effects of failure.

How to Keep Your Car From Overheating

The Things That Make a Car Overheat - 7 Main Reasons For Why Cars Overheat

Water pump
Essential items in the cooling system, the water pump has a function to send water to the machine. Hence, if disclosed, may have died in his duties and leave boiling machine. Strange noises and water leaks under the car can report this number problem

The additives used in newer vehicles are based on monoethylene glycol, a subject matter that increases the boiling point and lowers the freezing point of water, which serves to preserve the ideal temperature the cooling system. Over time, even so, the fluid loses efficiency. Thus, it is important to replace it by sticking to the instructions within the owner of the automobile (usually 30,000 km) manual.

Thermostatic valve
The thermostatic valve is an significant component of the cooling system of the machine. It controls the temperature of the engine. Therefore, if the valve is faulty, the car will suffer from overheating, since the hot liquid will remain in the engine. In the latter case, can even melt. Keep water radiator with correct additive is the best means to preserve the valve. It should never be removed or ignored.

Electric fan
With the function plays the tune to help cool the engine, the components look like household fans typically triggered in situations where machines failed to capture the ambient atmosphere. This mostly happens in case of traffic congestion and slow traffic. A temperature sensor that indicates the requirement and pushing a fan. If this sensor is affected by the operation, the fan cannot be turned on and the engine is too hot.

Rupture of hoses can cause engine overheating. The most common defect is the drought that prevents the correct operation and hinder the task of bringing water to the machine. The findings about the drought can be made by the owner of the vehicle itself. To affirm that the hosiery is too dry or if the fiber has some tips, it's time for a switch. The prolonged life in accordance with the maintenance of the cooling system as a whole, which admits the function of additives in the cooling water is indicated by the assembler.

Reservoir and Cap
For new cars, radiator CAP is no longer along the radiator itself. This is distinctly visible in the plastic reservoir for riders. The screen has a calibrated valve system to resist the pressure of the hot water. If it fails, however, water reservoirs began releasing as steam, allowing the floor below are recommended for the engine coolant. The CAP should be replaced every 30,000 miles.

Always use water and additive recommended in the owner's manual as a coolant. If there is a small leak, you can complete only with water. Only if you ask to replace much of the coolant should always be exchanged water and added together in the proportion recommended by the car manufacturer.

DIY - Installing a Sink

The sink can be installed, but you can do it yourself. This is a fairly easy job and we will help you step by step. Take all Your tools together already, read carefully the instructions and then started with the installation.

Installing a Sink

What tools do I need?

  1. Screwdriver;
  2. Adjustable lock;
  3. Measuring tape;
  4. Pencil;
  5. Jigsaw;
  6. Brush;
  7. Drill with a speed and a broad head.

Installing a Sink

Specify the position of the sink
In most cases, you will get when buying the sink template paper provided. You can use it to cut. The exact dimensions of the worksheet If there are no templates available, you are putting the best sink upside down on a worksheet. Be sure to place both in relation to the sides, front and back of the Cabinet and check that the body indeed is in the correct position. This is to avoid the typical mistakes in which taps on the wrong side.

You can then use Your pencil the outline of the sink for signs of Your worksheet. Then you still have to sign off. The second line of the first line in doing this. The distance between the two lines is obtained is the actual width in which the tank will be rested after being placed. It's good to see how wide the edge up as possible going forward. If not, there is a shortage of chilling.

Cutting out the worksheet
Lay the sheet on the trestle desk. Now you can use a hole drill 10 mm drilling speed in the four corners of the inner line of the pencil. Then you should put a chainsaw to jigsaw in the worksheet and cut along the pencil lines the inner ring road. It is important to support when you're almost to Your worksheet, so you avoid the outbreak of the middle.

After the sheets are cut, you could probably make a protective stain. This is usually done with wooden Worktops to protect against water. Apply silicone sealant with a brush on their wounds. This prevents moisture from getting into the worksheet.

Then lay the sheet back on the base cabinets. Check the cutouts for sinks is not hindered by the top of the Cabinet. If this is indeed the cause of the issue, the bar will fit in the sink.

Adapted Sink ready to confirm
You're half way through the install. It's time to take a tap on the hand and install it. It goes without saying that you should not forget the operation cut. A grommet is required to follow the instructions crane manufacturer for optimum results. Clean siphon attached to the sink, and make sure it hangs vertically. Don't forget to put on the bottom edge of the box. Mounting Clips

The final placement of the unit cell
Make sure that you have done. All the previous steps correctly Apply sealant to the edge of the sink and left it in a hole in the pockets of the sheet. It should be firm, but smoothly. If she has been placed, you can smooth the sealant and remove any excess product.

Now screw the mounting clips on the bottom of the sink to the worksheet. In this way, the watertight seal is guaranteed. In the final step, the drain valve and sink can be connected. Channels connect it to the exhaust pipe, the valve on the supply line. Whether the entire system, or you think you have made a mistake somewhere Then You silently reading this manual and check each step.

Tips For Wearing Leggings

Leggings are a favorite by many women's clothes because they are simple and easy to combine. Leggings can give you extra for your clothes make you feel more feminine and confident. The problem is that some people don't know how they can bring. These tips can use the leggings you always look good in a pair of leggings!

By Calliopejen at en.wikipedia [CC-BY-2.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Wear leggings with a tunic or dress

The combination of the dresses, leggings and a nice belt almost every woman is very flattering and feminine. However, make sure that the dress came down to mid thigh, but not below the knee because their effect will be lost. A very nice tunic over leggings, but make sure the Foundation is not transparent and that tunic is long enough. Wear pants rather normal fall, because any pants replace leggings!


Wear leggings as pants
The first and most important point that you need to remember is that leggings can substitute. No Pants Are very tight leggings and tights can be compared to before. You would not even think about going out, wearing only a shirt and pants instead? Therefore, it is important to ensure that at least the middle of the thigh over something. The possibilities are virtually endless. Think long knit sweater, long blouses, tunics, dresses and so on!

Wear leggings under skirts
Do you want to show off your feet without showing skin? Then wear leggings underskirt. Leggings under skirt wearing is also a solution that is particularly suitable for women who are not comfortable in short skirts. However, make sure that the skirt is sure to mid thigh, because different views still unpleasant  to be seen, even with leggings out!

What kind of shoes should You wear with leggings?

Fall and winter
In the autumn and winter You can wear the best leggings in combination with pump or ankle boots. Make sure you wear shoes is unusual, but really the ankle. Height of heels doesn't matter, as long as it corresponds to the color leggings, but with ankle boots or pumps.

Spring and summer
How to wear leggings in a cute spring outfit? In the spring and summer leggings are generally worn with flats or heels. Ballerina is great if you are going for the casual look guilty. The pump can be just sexy and very casual wear leggings underneath. Both types of shoes under leggings fit for the school. Before going to the Ballerina bottom leggings too relaxed so the pump is a better choice.

As you may have read above, it is not so difficult to combine with other clothes! Leggings in a way that's fun and feminine

As long as you keep the above tips for wearing leggings in mind, you may continue to vary with leggings. With alternating upper garment, shoes, bags and accessories, you can every time they look completely different in the leggings!

How to Make a Budget That is Easy to Follow

If you do not always know where your money goes? It is easy to make a budget for yourself: who gives an insight into Your personal finances. You can see how many you have and what you are doing.

Make the Best Decisions For Budgeting

Budget, list Your income and expenses, providing clarity about how you spend your money. A budget is always unique, each person has different priorities and make different choices.

There are months that rich and poor. And months of expensive and cheap. December is a month of often expensive, but as may is months away: the rich paid vacation. This money can be used to offset. Poor or expensive month

How to Make a Budget

Get Started!
Some of the revenues and expenses in returning back monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or other annual. It is therefore recommended to make. An average monthly budget here, all income and expenditure of the year converted to the average amount per month.

Make sure that you double-count the number of any kind. For example, the name of the transport only when the fixed costs and not also in the household money. And housing allowance as income calculation if you haven't deducted from the rent amount.

Pick up a paper or digital table with two columns and a note on top of the first column of ' Income ' and the second ' above the load '.

Make a note of all of the revenue in this column, including tax refunds, holiday and all additional charges. Don't forget to calculate the monthly average. This amount adds up all your income and put the total at the bottom of the column. You will see an average of your monthly income.

Expenditures for food Expenses
Expenditure should be entered in the second column of your budget. First write down all of the items, such as insurance, groceries, gasoline. Fixed costs such as rent and energy bills can be found in Your bank statement. Also a matter here of any amount by the average amount per month. Then add all the costs together on. Now that you know how much you spend each month.

Surplus or deficit
If you reduce your expenses from income, you can see how much you're making per month is lacking or holding. You now have a clear understanding of Your personal finances.

Useful Tips
If you do not know how much you are spending on  certain items, such as clothes, you can use a number of samples from the personal budget advice. For the cost of a big or unexpected like a washing machine or a car repair, it is wise to order. Fixed amount per month, how much you can order the best you can count on.

Based on your budget, you can decide whether you want something in Your income and expenses and adjust. Want to save expenditure? Do you want to bring in more revenue? You may be eligible for benefits.

How to Remove Dust Without Scratching Glass

Not all women have the privilege of hiring someone to do a spring cleaning at home every other week or save the maid. Others may even be, but they do the housework, and rely more on cleanliness. At such times, the dedication is likely to get enough clean your home and sometimes this requires caution a little longer than we think, especially with the window glass and clean home with the wrong way, can be colored or dirty. See what must be done to avoid this and you spend the most time possible:

How to Remove Dust Without Scratching Glass

A valuable Tip is a very dirty glass dust. In such cases, You first have to pass them a newspaper or absorbent paper to remove excess. Now only with a soft clean cloth, fiber, soaked in water or alcohol, and it will be ready.

How to Remove Dust

Another good tactic is to do a cleanup on a cloudy day when the Sun will not dry out the window before you have finished cleaning. For mirror glasses, you don't have to pour water directly into them. Furthermore, because of its delicacy, pass before a washcloth to clean dust and anything that may scratch the glass.
At the corners of the window, which always had more difficulty clearing, the ideal is to use a soft toothbrush or cotton swabs, which can reach even the toughest little room from the window. In addition to the correct way, and the secret to the window and the glass remains clean, there is also the best products and materials that help and streamline tasks, such as soaps and detergents, or specific product for cleaning.

Sandpaper, steel wool, sponge or acid should not be used, as well as ammonia, chlorine bleach, scratching the glass mirror. So they're clear, you can use an old cotton shirt, crumpled newspaper or cloth diapers. Even the chalkboard erasers clean, when passing through the window just washed and dried it, help provide warm light.
Homemade recipes
Want to leave a window and glass very clean and shiny? For that you can prepare homemade recipes! Just mix in a small spray bottle with 3 tablespoons (soup) of vinegar, ½ Cup of rubbing alcohol and a ¼ teaspoon of detergent. Finally, fill the container with water and shake well. Okay, you've got a great product, without spending almost anything for that!

How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger Better Than Ever

When it comes to beauty, women have always like to change some features and spots of her face or body. Many people end up submitting to the unnecessary plastic surgery to fix it. However, with some small makeup techniques you can eliminate.

How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger

Use the right and proper way is a highly effective cosmetic alternatives that can make life easier for women who want to have a larger and more sensual lips with volume.

Check out the complete guide How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger Better Than Ever

1: Exfoliate your lips gently with a little granulated sugar and honey to enable local circulation and remove dead cells, leaving a mouth with the ugly and dry. A skin peeling process also helps improve the contour of the lips and leave their well define

2: Use a good primer to moisturize the lips and prepare for the application of a lipstick. The process of hydration is important to better determine the color of the lipstick on her lips, and protect them from external such as Sun, wind, cold, corn and moisture.

3: Choose the color of lipstick that is closest to the mouth may be cream or sparkling texture. Remember that when it comes to coloring everything that we wish to highlight the makeup with bright colors and always want to get the sensation of decreased visual highlight that only use the darker color and bright. Shades of pink might end up leaving the production with air that is very childish and artificial.

4: Apply the lipstick with a brush is suitable for the application. Direct spending lipstick packaging mouth ends up with multiple layers that come more easily and endangering the durability of makeup. After applying the take a sheet of toilet paper or tissue paper and place it between your lips to remove excess product.

5: Apply a new layer of lipstick with a brush on the bottom and top lip and finish past the lips on the other to better transmit the product.

6: Fix the contours out with a cotton swab or finger. If you prefer to finish with the lip contour but always on the same line and never outside. This ultimately creates visual effects that are ugly and artificial. Another important Detail is that the color should always be bright lipstick or just like, never dark.

7: Select the type of finisher with a gloss or transparent color and gently wipe just in the middle of the lips. Brightness bring feelings of superiority that creates a visual improvement and fill the lips.

See how simple it is to have a more beautiful and bigger lips without surgery.

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

How to get rid of bags under the eyes? Even though you haven't thought of, sometimes age doesn't show a lot of wrinkles or gray hair. Under eye bags and dark circles are factors that also contribute to make you look older. So, is something that is worrying about the patient, they are not interesting.
How to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

What causes Under Eye Bags?

The reason for the appearance of bags under the eyes indicate serious disease of organs and systems of the human body. Early in the morning and once in the mirror you see puffy, first sort out the factors that may affect their appearance:

1. The causes of this troubling dark circle more than one more complex, probably will cause allergies, nasal problems, smoking and drinking alcohol, aging, pigmentation problems in Asia and skin – common factor black race and descent. Of course, if some days I didn't sleep for partying, dark circles are not slow to appear.

2. Eye bags are caused by aging, and the only non-surgical options that you have available is concealing bags under the eyes using makeup tricks, using makeup which includes, but does not eliminate it. Surgical and laser procedures for long-term alternatives.

3. Dark circles, also known as "raccoon eyes" is a dark pigmentation that appears under the eyes but not swollen. Affects both men and women, and although they are more common in adults, some children might be Haggard.

4. Bags under eyes (swelling under the eyes) are common as we age because the network around the eye weakened. Fats that help the eye move towards support lower eyelids, so the appearance of swelling.

How to get rid of bags under your eyes?

The good news is that the bags under the eyes is not a health problem, they are a matter of cosmetics.

Signs of fatigue, under eye bags and puffiness appear quickly in our face when we lack sleep. Do not panic, if they show up quickly, under eye bags can also be removed with a few simple and effective tips.

1. The most famous and widely regarded as the most effective against the bottom of the pouches Grandma teabag methods. Thus, after the bag is used, place in the refrigerator for about ten minutes and then place it on your eyelids. This method can relieve tired eyes.

2. The second method: use of Shea butter massage! It stimulates the micro circulation and appear to reduce dark circles. You can use this method two times a day. If not, opt for a sliced cucumber on the eyes! Almost immediately.

3. There are surgical procedures that can remove, such as eyelid surgery. Another way to get rid of the bags and rings under the eyes is through traditional treatment to eliminate wrinkles and skin (called skin) or laser procedures.

4. At home, you can help with cold compresses, sleeping with your head slightly elevated, prevent allergies and of course, get enough sleep.

5. Finally, effective treatment: rose water. Soak two cotton pads and place them on your eyes for a few minutes every day. You will notice the difference after a few weeks.

How to prevent Under Eye Bags?

- Clearly, the most effective in preventing signs of fatigue method is by applying a daily cycle of good sleep eight hours per night. In addition to gum pockets, a good night's sleep will bring skin redness and feature more smoothed out.

- However, be wary of sleeping pills, which support the creation of bags under the eyes. It is also important to avoid alcohol and tobacco, which have a negative effect on micro blood circulation, damages blood vessels and triggering the formation of pockets. If  you still have under eye bags or dark circles, It's better to consult with your dermatologist to learn more about available treatments and their effectiveness.

How to Choose a Tablecloth

It would seem that it might be easier to buy tablecloths? But, dealing directly with the selection process, many housewives start losing that variety of designs, sizes, colors and textures tablecloths.


How to choose a tablecloth?

In the form, there are square, rectangular, oval and round tablecloths. Pick up this accessory today you can mount it under any form. So before you decide to buy a new tablecloth, you should ask yourself the following question series. First, why you need it. If you use it only for special occasions-holiday party, birthday and receive important guests, then this never fit White tablecloths made of thick fabric. Agree, very easily dirty white color, but it is better not to find, in order to emphasize the solemnity of the event.

Why do I need tablecloth?

First, protect the counter top from mechanical damage, and second, it serves as a means of acoustic-voice instrument mutes, plates, glasses and stemware. This is especially great for noisy party accepted, when guests to interact and talk to each other, toasts and congratulatory speeches, and knocking the device will not interfere with or distract.

If you need a simple cloth, to put a kitchen table that for every day that you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, then it would not be in accordance with the choice is certainly more practical, because with the color and quality of the fabrics do not have daily wash cloth. Very pretty and elegant look tablecloths, hooks. Unfortunately, a big noisy for a party they don't fit, but looks good on a coffee table or holiday wood, brings a special warmth and coziness spaces.

How to choose the size of tablecloth?

1. The shape and size of the tablecloths of course depends on the size of the table in which you are placed. Given the rules of etiquette, you don't need to buy one size tablecloths with top. This should be more of his down to the edge of the counter tops with 15-25 centimeters.

2. Correctly choosing the size of tablecloth is a prerequisite of quality cutlery. As the material used to sew today perform both natural and synthetic materials. Natural ingredients, sadly, very easy to collapse, so that nowadays many housewives prefer to use synthetic or semi synthetic party tablecloths.

3. They are easy to care for, with their stains are easily washed off the food and drinks. It is important in this case to choose fabric, which would correspond to the style and aesthetic appearance of the part. As mentioned above, for ceremonial activities most suitable for White tablecloths. However, if you are planning a vacation home children, and then Cain should be adjusted with image-light, cheerful.

4. To eat everyday in the kitchen, not too suitable accessories that require maintenance and frequent washing. Many housewives are not even thinly veiled kitchen table cloth, or use a tablecloth with a layer of Teflon, which need only wipe with a damp cloth, and it looks like new. On a tablecloth can be safely put a hot pan or dish.

How to choose a tablecloth color

Remember that it must be in harmony with the color of the flatware. For example, if the accessories are very bright and colorful, snow white "lost him," and vice verse, dinner set with beautiful paintings will look ridiculous on a table cloth made of cotton with a simple cell or strip.

Table setting, in this case the use of tablecloth also left room for experimentation and imagination. For example, tables can be covered with tablecloths in two contrasting colors, asymmetrical lay them on one another, and set the color of different cutlery from both tablecloths. And you can select one of the accessories according to the original theme of the holiday. Whatever it is, only one conclusion, without table tablecloth looks dull and depressing.

How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for Your Kids

Child hair style should be simple, stylish and easy to care and styling. This should not interfere with children's games. When choosing a hairstyle for your kids to follow the motto: "Children need to be children" , we offer several popular children's haircuts that will never go out of style. Hairstyles and hair textures that are closely related. It's best to experiment with haircuts kids on weekends during summer vacation or time periods when children are free from colonialism. It is interesting to observe how it changes with each season's fashion hair style. Traditional child's hair style, such as horsetail and haircuts "hedgehog" is very relevant today.

How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for Your Kids
hairstyles for kids that are,easy

Kids hairstyles

Kids today are the youngest ages show interest in their own appearance and want to look beautiful. Often children decide what hairstyle will wear and like it or not the parents are forced to listen to their opinions. In many schools, there are specific requirements for the clothing and appearance of the students, including their hair.

For girls, this Hairdo is perfect for summer. The hair collected in braids, simple and neat, which is perfect for both schools and for special events. Hair plaited into braids, keep it clean longer. This hairstyle is suitable for curly hair long and medium length hair. Braids can be secured with pins decorated with ornamental stone-your daughter will love to wear this hairstyle for small children.

The only hairstyles that never go out of style-haircut "Bob." This haircut is very popular all year round with no fashion seasonal. favorite hair styles such as little girls, and the girls are older, because besides the fact that it is easy to deduce and just take care of it. The girls could wear less "Bob" hair with bangs falling into the eye. This haircut is very practical and is ideal for all girls, this hairstyle can not conclude, simply wash it regularly, and comb completely dry. However, the need to form a hairstyle should periodically visit to the salon. "Bob" Haircut is very relevant in the summer, sport or game that is active.

Kids's haircuts for boys
The boys have started to cut about two years. Visit a barbershop or salon must eventually turn into boys binding ritual, but then you get used to doing it yourself and decide what hairstyle to choose.

A few tips:

  • Children's haircut is different from adults, unless it is in children's hair is thinner and softer.
  • Bang-has at least one and a half centimeters is not reaching the eyebrows.
  • Do not Cut very short if her baby is fine and rare hair.

How to Stop Buying Clothes You Don't Need and Never Wear

The clothes you do not love the day the purchase is not going to like it later and you are not going to get. The trick is that the clothes you are buying makes you feel good. It is better to have few clothes that make you feel happy that you have a thousand garments have just not like and never wear.

How to Stop Buying Clothes You Don't Need and Never Wear

For starters you have to sort your wardrobe. Divide your clothes into 4 different piles:
  1. to throw
  2. to donate
  3. to repair
  4. to carry

How to Stop Buying Clothes

1. See what kind of clothes fit to you and make you feel good. This will help you identify the clothes that you like and you will almost certainly get.  Think carefully before buying clothes that would just be an event type. Interested in clothes that can easily combine and be versatile.

2. Buy only when you look good. Do not fall for a garment that's going a bit just thinking that you will lose weight, or do not you buy these jeans do not just look good but you like. Purchase clothes that will last Choose items with quality fabrics: a good jersey will last many more seasons acrylic jersey to be filled with balls in four days

3. Remember that the price does not dictate the style. If you pants are perfect and the color is perfect to combine with all kinds of clothes. Create your own style according to your personality. At the same time, do not be fooled by the oversupply That something is pretty cheap and a bit should NOT be a reason to buy.

4. Do not buy something just because it looks good. And finally, if you see when you get home you bought something that you do not like, immediately returned to the store to return it. .

To avoid useless purchase clothes in your closet when clothes fit you well and make you feel comfortable and happy. This is the easiest way to know that you are wearing the clothes.

Tips for Managing Your Hair While Traveling

Your hair will look their best, whether you should do a long or short trip by car, bus, train or plane. Hair styles are ideal for any type of trip should take a little effort to get a good look. We share the best tips for traveling hairstyle. Therefore, it is better to wear clothes that are comfortable and simple hairstyle that doesn't require continuous attention. Of course, this does not mean that when we travel, we have to override the style. Both clothing and hair styles can be simple but great.

Tips for Managing Your Hair While Traveling

Hairstyles for Traveling

The elaborate hairstyles are not fashionable for traveling. Moreover, a complex hairstyle would be a waste of time because the hair straightening, curls or an extravagant complicated braid not endure the conditions of most trips.

Hairstyles for travel must adapt to a number of specific standards. The classic hairstyles such as a ponytail or bun are always practical. They keep the hair removed from the face and can face the changes of time and schedule. Gather your hair at the nape or the side so you can lay your head on the seat. The tense hair is practical for a day trip. This style is perfect for a tourist adventure and stylish enough for an evening on the town or a casual dinner at a restaurant.

Tips for Managing
Although preferring to travel light, you have to carry some products for your hair during travel. Dry Shampoo refreshes the hair and spray volume works especially well for waste hairstyles. Do not forget to pack a small brush, rubber bands, and some clips and hairpins. Travelers successfully are flexible and aware of their surroundings. Unnecessary travel outside the distractions and the surroundings are not welcome.

How to Cut Down a Tree

How to Cut Down a TreeDo you have a tree in your garden that is growing too much or you has been a problem with plumbing or walls?

Let me tell you everything that you need to know

How to Market Your Business

The marketing of a business always very competitive, must engage the customer through the design and functionality of what is being offered. Must show that the new business has to meet the needs of its consumers and is ahead of similar to it already found on sale. Some ways are essential to the market your business successfully to bring your sale.

How to Market Your Business

How to Market Your Business

Make your business look and be better than the competitors. A graphic designer can design a package for a small investment that will inspire the mind of the consumer, making sure it has an interest in knowing what is being offered. A good business in a package that draws attention to self-promote.
Use all basic categories of marketing for its launch.

Internet - Your packaging designer and programmer can make a simple html site to give the expected result. Indeed, the internet is the right channel how to market your business to reach potential customers, as we in the era in which the resolution to all questions is sought in the internet.

Social networks - Free ways to market your business online by using social networks (mainly Facebook and Twitter) to publish and promote your business. Use and interesting content that catches people's attention through daily news and useful publications that are related to your interests. Answer, also, where possible, to the publications of his followers. Your interaction will show that it is a participatory one and make them also interact with your updates.

Check always, if your work is giving the expected result by the number of visits your site receives. A visitation statistics system to be used is Google Analytics. With this number in hand, you can find out whether you need to make some modifications to reach more potential customers.

Video - Make a video for demonstration of your business, which can be displayed in your shop or webpage. You can also think of a different and innovative for regional television commercial.

Print Media - The offline media remains an excellent means of communication and promotion of business, while attractive and compelling, newspapers, brochures, magazines, posters, banners and pamphlets, among others.

Radio - Thinking mainly on cost-benefit factor, the radio is still a great resource for promoting business and services, depending on the audience to be reached.

How to Market Your Business Tips:
Use all available to promote your business means, always striving for excellence, to be sure that it will leverage. If you are thinking of spending this work for someone who is expert in content marketing and can offer you a foolproof strategy, contact the Rock Content.

When you start promoting your business or service, always remember to keep a balance between the information related to it and the contents of the site, which must be different, interesting and updated every day. Good luck in your business!

How to Prevent Varicose Veins

Addicted to high heels should be alert to the emergence of so feared varicose. What you do not know is that the use of jumping just right can help you avoid these undesirable greenish lines on his leg. Learn now the main precautions to take when using very high heels is often in their daily lives.

What are varicose veins?

The veins of our body carry blood to the heart flowing with the help of valves. When for some reason these valves do not function properly, the blood ends up getting stopped in the veins, swelling, varicose veins forming. Varicose veins usually do not cause any serious medical problem, however, when in a very advanced and if not treated properly, they can cause pain stage, skin problems, blood clots, among other complications.

Can you get varicose veins from wearing heels?

In addition to genetic factors, women over 30 years of age, pregnant women, obese people, and sedentary smokers are also more prone to the appearance of varicose veins. The use of very thin and high heels on a daily basis and for a very long time can also cause varicose veins, because it hinders the blood pumping to the legs and feet.

Varicose VS High Heels

Varicose Veins

The use of high heels only favors the appearance of varicose veins in the situations listed above. In fact, studies show that wearing shoes with heels of up to four inches in height helps improve blood circulation in the lower body, preventing varicose veins.

How to Deal With Varicose Veins

Do not feel guilty when you're on top of that huge leap you love so much. Taking the necessary precautions will Prevent Varicose Veins from your legs. But if they show up, you already know what are the treatments that may help you. Remember to see a specialist at the first sign of the onset of this illness that so worries most women.

  • For you who is very attached to the frequent use of high heels, or falls into any of the risk factors, prevention of varicose veins is the same. See the following: 
  • Do not stand or sit in one position for too long. If this is unavoidable, try to get up at least every hour to stretch. 
  • Avoid overly tight pants. Long boots that tighten the calf should also be avoided. 
  • Control your weight. 
  • Do not take very hot baths. In fact, a cold shower in the legs at the end of the bath also helps in prevention. 
  • Practice aerobic activities like walking, swimming, aerobics. 
  • The use of compression stockings helps to improve blood circulation in the legs. However, it should be done cautiously and only under medical guidance. 
There are several types of varicose veins treatment, see now commonly used by physicians:

Surgery - Recommended only for advanced cases. Unlike the other procedures that can be performed in clinics, surgery may be done only in a hospital. Before varicose vein surgery procedure, the surgeon should mark the vases to be removed.
A chemical Sclerotherapy - method widely known as the "application", intended for small vessels. It consists in applying a chemical substance to the diseased vein through a fine needle. The liquid causes the spider veins disappears.
Cryo sclerotherapy - Sclerotherapy procedure similar to but differs by the temperature of the injected substance, which is 40 degrees below zero. The frost destroys the walls of the vessel which disappears under the skin.
Laser - The laser goes through the skin without injured her and reaches the hemoglobin of blood vessels that is red. Hemoglobin, receiving the laser increases the temperature of blood vessel ends to eliminate the heat.

How to Choose a Short Dresses That's Your Size

In the coming and goes on the fashion world, dresses come in many different versions and is one of the top sellers among women, as society became part of the fan for comfort. In this post, you will find tips on how to choose an appropriate short dress model with the body.

How to Choose a Short Dresses That's Your Size

How to Choose a Short Dresses

  1. For thin and tall women the famous tunes, which are short and just may be a great option because this body type model exude elegance and sensuality without leaving the ordinary look. 
  2. If you are overweight and are of short stature is recommended to avoid this type of part, because they will mark your body, highlight the unwanted localized fat and highlight your legs, which are not well defined transform your look in a disaster;
  3. Dresses for evening occasions prefer more chic and elaborate fabrics. The most used models are the little tubes at night, the strapless and straight. Combine the parts with heels and sophisticated clutch bags;
  4. Looks for day to day prefer dresses with simple and comfortable to ride the looks fabrics. Combine the parts with sneakers or comfortable shoes. To make the most joyful and cool visual invest in maxi necklaces, ear cuff and bracelets to complement productions;
  5. Use dresses at the knee to work environments. The upright models without necklines are ideal, nothing too tight or sexy parts. For the feet choice models that provide you comfort as sneakers, sandals or trailing, but the dresses with tights, boots or closed shoes if winter combines.
  • Keep an eye on trends in fashion, fabrics, colors and designs for the next season and invest in pieces according to your body type;
  • Use bright colors in stripped occasions and prefer the more sober for formal events and environments;
  • If you have questions on choosing the ideal dress to wear, what is indicated versions and opt for more classic colors, thus hardly be errors in productions;
  • Avoid using stamps when you want to disguise your weight.
Enjoy the tips above and invest in ideal dresses for your style.

How to Clean Your Washing Machine Thoroughly

Every appliance needs cleaning. To increase the lifetime of a product, it takes a lot of care. The washing machine also needs to be washed, because it accumulates many wastes from small particles of dirt from clothes such as wires, dust, paper, soap residue even own powder and fabric softener. This cleaning process is usually very simple and easy to perform, and can save money in the future. Below some tricks that will help keep your washing machine running longer, after all, the secret lies in the conservation and maintenance of objects!

How to Clean Your Washing Machine Thoroughly

Step by step
There are many products on the market aimed at cleaning the washing machine. However, even at home you can find solutions as good as.

Cleaning inside:
  1. Remove the removable parts of the machine and wash them in hot soapy water or neutral detergent.
  2. Add a cup of white vinegar into the machine, starting a full wash cycle. If the washing machine has a hot water system, he should be fired because assist in a more thorough cleaning. The vinegar removes mold and internal mold machine.
  3. After the first centrifugation, and add half a cup of baking soda to remove any traces of fabric softener and 
  4. soap powder. This process helps in removing the stains of the appliance. If you prefer, you can add bleach, the dose carefully, because the excess of this product may damage some components of the machine. The ideal is to use about 100 ml of bleach for every pound machine. For example: if your machine has a capacity of 4 pounds, use 400 ml of the product.
  5. For rust, use lemon juice in a new wash cycle. Sometimes, the process of rusting can be a sign that 
  6. other components of the machine are in need of revision, as the cylinder. Therefore, it is necessary to call a technician before the appliance being damaged further.

Clearing out:
Use the soft part of a sponge soaked in a bucket of water with a cup of vinegar. Clean the outside of all: the side, the cover, also under the machine. For the hardest parts of range, use cotton swabs and other materials - toothpicks - enabling access to cleaning.

A few more tips
The filters that retain the wires and other debris to loosen the clothes should be washed frequently with water only, where every new washing clothes. It is always good to pay attention to the right amount of detergent and fabric softener for each level of water as a dose in excess affect the lifetime of the appliance.

Another tip for the conservation of the washing machine always checks the pockets of clothes and remove any objects that might harm her, like coins, paper clips, and close the zippers jackets and pants, preventing it from coming into friction with the walls and the bottom of the machine. The paper, and a flat end causing dirt to clean, can infiltrate the machine mechanisms, wearing operation.

Ready! Your machine is cleaned and renovated to receive your clothes. The ideal is to repeat this process every two months. Good work and good luck!

Benefits and Risks of Sunbathing for Your Skin

We always hear about the risks of sunbathing. However, there is still banish reinforce concepts and beliefs in seeking to achieve the greatest benefit that can give us the sun at a low cost to our health. Contact with nature is very important to the sun   both our mind and spirit to the whole organism. Improves mood, reduces stress and need a dose of daily exposure to sunlight to produce vitamin D so important in the absorption of calcium in our bones. According to experienced professionals worldwide is a clear tendency to stop sunbathing.

Benefits and Risks of Sunbathing for Your Skin

Can you get a healthy tan? What would you suggest to those who can not stop taking sun?

Being deeply tanned is no longer a sign of beauty. It is advisable not to take sun in times of increased solar radiation as the noon nap, when one is exposed is essential to use good products of high protection. You must drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and dryness of the skin. Opt for the intake of fruits and vegetables with beta carotene, such as carrots, pumpkin, spinach, among others, to help get a more durable and natural tan without excessive sun exposure. "

When any adverse effects caused by the sun on the skin is young is not noticeable at all. The problem occurs with the passage of time and especially after 40 years. Definitely if it will take sun, we must restore skin which is removed.

How much really help the sun protection factors in the prevention of skin cancer?
Creams, gels or spray sunscreens act by absorbing, reflecting or scattering sunlight. You must use at least 30 minutes before sun exposure. You must know that, reflective surfaces such as water, the beach, the floor, make that sun exposure increases twice.

Therefore, sunscreens protect us, but they are not 100%. You must use appropriate and clear clothing, beanie, sunglasses, and is very important to be clear that you should not use the shield to increase the amount of time spent in the sun. Sun damage is cumulative as it is produced by the snuff too, this is very important to care for children and babies not exposed to the sun, as their skins are those with the most immature defense mechanisms which leads to greater risk.

Who have taken much sun type of health treatments and beauty of the skin can make to improve your appearance? 

In any case, it is necessary to make a good diagnosis to focus on the most appropriate treatment for every need. The best treatment to repair damage from the sun and skin revitalization snuff is by administering high concentrations of vitamin C intravenously in conjunction with the Specific nutrient supplementation to replenish skin collagendestroyed by UV light. It should combine facials deep peels and skin hydration. In autumn-winter, the ideal is to make physical or chemical peeling according to the need and the type of skin

Who do work or sports that require sun exposure how to care?

The main thing to consider is the risk of skin cancer because of inadequate exposure. It is advisable that those who play sports try to realize them in times of lower solar radiation as early morning or late into the evening. If you cannot help, they should drink plenty of fluids, wear clothing with breathable fabrics and light colored and creams with high sunscreen. For runners is important to use beanie and goggles to protect the eyes. Ideally, get a good facial cleansing before sunscreen and place 30 minutes before jogging for absorption correctly. It should be noted that the case is water resistant to prevent sweat delete it and replicate it every so often.

General measures to put into practice in holiday

1. Take care especially of the children. Sun damage is cumulative.
2. Do eat products containing antioxidants such as vegetables raw, vegetables, colorful salads and fruit by the excessive free radical release which produces the exhibition in the Sun.
3. Not exposed to the Sun in hours of high rate of lightning UV. Protected even on cloudy days.
4 Use products keep the skin well hydrated, as solutions, emulsions and creams that contains vitamin E and C.
5. Place a maximum FPS protection stain
6. Do not use oils or "remedies homemade"tanning faster, it is very dangerous
7. Protect your hands until they are also so exposed in the Sun on a daily basis as the face.
8. Use sunscreen during throughout the year and not only in the summer season.

Not everyone has the same skin type, in those with fair skin (blondes, redheads) the ability to have spots or freckles is greater, for this is that the visit should be included in the annual medical checks to the dermatologist, as main factor prevention of any disease.

Aloe Vera Benefits to Our Skin and Hair

More and more people decide to take care of nature and use it for plants and ingredients you might find in your own home. Such is the case of Aloe Vera, a very simple plan to keep, it can bring many benefits to our skin and hair. If you are already looking forward to trying it, here you have three home masks!

Aloe Vera Benefits

Home Remedies with Aloe Vera

Oily hair
Oily hair is a matter of concern for many women because it causes too often we should wash it more time to maintain the volume and the root. With the help of half a lemon, thanks to its decreasing power, we can create a mask pre-wash will help us keep this problem at bay. Only mix the juice with aloe Vera juice and apply it on the scalp once a week before washing your hair as usual

However, this plant is not only good for hair, but can also be very good for our skin, especially if it is dry, its high moisturizing and healing power. In this case, we will mix with honey and aloe Vera can apply all over the face and neck. This mask is perfect for use once a week, especially in winter when your skin hurts more.

Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are one of the problems that most concern us and Aloe Vera can help to conceal and prevent its occurrence through its power to give elasticity to the skin. This also needs almond oil, which is very moisturizing, and honey, for providing great nutrition. Mix the juice of the plant with three droplets of oil and a teaspoon of honey in a bowl and, once ready, apply after showering.

How to Make Your Eyes More Beautiful Without Makeup

Wearing makeup is part of the daily routine of various women, transforming the look of the face with just a few products and tricks. Although the makeup provides a great transformation in appearance, it can damage and age the skin over time, thus not only make living female beauty, and you can always be beautiful even with the clean face. Some care is needed to maintain a natural beauty, among them we can mention the daily skin hydration, proper shape of the eyebrows and the healthy appearance of the eyes. In this post, you will find tips on how to enhance your eyes more beautiful without makeup.

How to make your eyes more beautiful without makeup

How to Make Your Eyes More Beautiful 

Step by step

  1. Wash your face and make your daily cleansing, apply a moisturizer specific to eye area;
  2. Keep eyebrows always got picked you, so that you look clean and unobtrusive. Use colored mascara to keep them in tune;
  3. Use a pencil to universal to disguise imperfections and give a more beautiful tone;
  4. If your skin has a smooth, unblemished pigmentation, only apply the powder in the face and eye area, giving it the appearance of a healthy and boring to see you;
  5. For women who have problems with black circles, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of concealer around the eyes. Go to press with fingers, so that it becomes very natural aspects;
  6. Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler or a spoon, and then apply a colored mascara eyelash several times until you are well defined, but with a natural look;
  7. To highlight the lower eyelashes graduated brush with dark eye shadow, just on the line of the tear and go with a brush. Shadow lets look more attractive without losing its natural. 


  • Applying a reddish blush on the lips because the colors are more vibrant and natural looking. After applying the blush, go for the shiny color;
  • Use the blush on the cheeks, gently, just to make the best and most striking face;
  • Use sunscreen during the day and cream hospitalization;
  • Always have a good diet, because that way your skin will always be beautiful and you will spend a healthy and natural image;
  • Drink plenty of water. It is recommended to drink more than two liters of water per day, keep your body properly hydrated skin and always;
  • Exercise regularly. To maintain a good appearance for daily exercise is very important for the oxygenation of the cells;
  • To reduce bags and dark circles, apply a compress over your eyes chamomile tea;
  • Use a special cream for the eye area, there is no use of the same cream that you apply on the face;
  • To renew your facial skin, making a weekly exfoliation, removes dead cells and makes the skin softer.
  • Never sleep with makeup, so use makeup remover to remove mascara and eye shadow, avoid swelling and premature aging;
  • Invest in a good anti-aging cream for the eye area;
  • Use eye drops to cleanse and relax the eye;
  • Use protective eye area to prevent wrinkles;
Take a tip from the past and take care of their looks natural and healthy way, highlight your eyes and face without makeup.

Good luck!

How to Wash a Cotton Blouse

Of all fabrics, what else is good for your skin is cotton. That's because it is natural, and have more staying power, a better touch, very fit and will be freshly baked, let the skin breathe better. Therefore, the advantages of synthetic fabric of cotton. But even with improved durability can not dispose of cotton cloth in the washing machine fixed and then complain that he has worn, chipped, fade or shrink.

So you can continue to use the same blouse that you buy in the winter, all spring, summer and autumn, you have to follow some rules of washers. So keeping cotton clothes they appear like new even after many washings.
How to Wash a Cotton Blouse

Step by step to Wash a Cotton Blouse
  1. Wash your blouse so it misses. For the longer a dirt gets into the tissue, the more it sticks and stain. Further, if it is white light or any color.
  2. The ideal is not flinching: soiled, place for washing clothes next amount.
  3. Even if the blouse is really stained or heavy dirt, before taking it to the wash spill one or two jets spray stain remover or some other type of stain remover machine, only on the local affected.
  4. Take your shirt to averse, so the chance of its fraying, discoloration or stain is much smaller. Do this even if you have stains, because you will have already done the previous step, to put stain remover on possible dirt.
  5. Join your cotton sweaters of the same hue and place them in a pillow case with zipper, so they do not escape from there during washing. 
  6. Do not forget to use a pillowcase that is also a neutral color that does not release ink and do not run the risk of tarnishing their blouses.
  7. Place the pillowcase with sweaters in the machine and then put a soap for fine clothes. Put some fabric softener, the smell can be a delight, but its overuse can damage the fabric of her blouse.
  8. Wash clothes in delicate cycle, so there is no error. Thus, both the beat for washing, as to spin, the machine will take due care.
  9. If you have a clothes dryer, put the blouse for a maximum of 10 minutes. Then extend the clothesline in the shade. Put the blouse at the time under the armpits and a preacher at each end. Or hang it on a hanger already, what is best for not scoring when dry.
  • Wash blouses with strong colors with cold water, not to fade.
  • Have sweaters, soft color wash with warm water.
  • If you prefer to wash your sweaters on hand, fill the tank with cold or lukewarm water, then dilute the washing powder or liquid. Join the clothes and let them soak for about 5 minutes. Wash them gently, try not to put strength and stretch or parts.
  • The white shirts should be washed regularly.
  • The spots that may appear on your sweaters should be removed immediately so do not stick.
Now that you know How to Wash a Cotton Blouse and how to care for it, Good luck!

How to Entering Code and Smiley Faces with the Keyboard

Who uses social networking, attend chat rooms or forums on the internet have probably seen many smiling faces, musical notes, the Sun, the Moon and little hearts. Many people like to put some of these symbols in a post or in a chat, but no idea how to do it.

Probably you have noticed that it is useless to look for these figurines on your keyboard. They are not there, at least not visible. To put one of these on the screen, it takes a small key combination. But nothing complicated. Anyone can make.

First, we need to use the keyboard has a numeric keypad side, the one that is right of the letters and what looks like a telephone keypad or calculator. No point using the numeric keys that are above the letters.
Being with the proper keyboard, simply follow the instructions.

smiley faces with the keyboard

Step by step
  • Open a page in Word;
  • In the Word page, press and hold the Alt key is NOT "Alt gr";
  • Still holding the Alt key on the numeric keypad to enter the number corresponding to the picture you want;
  • After entering the number, release all buttons;
  • The figure corresponding to the dialed number appears on the screen.
  • Certain sequences of numbers corresponding to a number of similar figures of the same "family." For example, the symbols of the stars in our solar system, including Pluto, are from 9790-9799 except the Sun, which is in 9788, the twelve signs of the Zodiac (9800-9811), the parts of the game of Chess (9812 to 9823), crosses (10009-10016 and 10018-10021), stars (10017, the 10022-10041, and 10059), flowers (10042-10051), among other sequences;
  • Any of these symbols will turn into a different figure entered in a special sources such as webdings. But the figure that they will become will depend on the version of Word that is being used;
  • If the source is changed to a normal sources like Times to Arial, for example, will only change the style of writing, as with any common letter or number. But some symbols simply disappear in certain types of source;
  • Some of these codes can result in a type of figure in Word and when typed into a web page become another figure. If this happens, you can enter a symbol in Word, then copy it and paste it on the website. Still, some images do not appear, because in some cases there is simply no support for that format;
  • A more interesting way to use these symbols is combining two or more of them to form another figure, and can mix them with letters, accents, slashes, and modify its source in Word. You can mount from a simple and small butterfly (Alt +603 =? / Alt +139 = ° / Alt +604 =?) To a small house, car or bus. Just use your imagination.

Now that you know how to find the hidden faces and symbols on computer keyboard, just have fun looking for new symbols and use your imagination to put together different combinations between them.
It's all in your fingertips.
Good luck!

How to Break Bad Eating Habits

Monday is the sacred day to start the diet. Many are the promises to start losing weight, mainly to start working out in a gym. However if you do not control your diet, the result will be disastrous. In view of this, we separate some tips so you do not have problem in time to lose weight and Break Bad Eating Habits I had. So your body will thank you and your health and mood will be others.

How to Break Bad Eating Habits


  • Every sane person know that every day we will have to have a feeding routine, nobody can go without eating. If eaten organic food for body maintenance, it will bring a good result, however, if your excess weight will increase a lot.
  • We need to eat less than we spend in the gym for example. We should have time to eat, the recommended is three hours in appropriate portions.
  • Look abolish their meals consumption of fried foods (pastel, nuggets), high-fat meats, sugars, sweets, soft drinks, saturated fat and pasta. Replace with lots of fruits, lots of vegetables and many vegetables.
  • Eat only when you have form! The desire to consume is something quite different, responsible for making gain weight unnecessarily. For example, we have many desires to eat a tasty pizza or pasta, just reading this, you've got your mouth watering. Beware, as hunger can "finish" but the will to eat, we eat more, we will continue with it.
  • If you want or need to lose weight, be very careful with impulses because this theme is something delicate. It is advisable to consult a professional to help you control them.
  • Do not eat too fast. Food should be eaten slowly and savored, this because our brain needs a little time to receive information that your hunger is satisfied.
  • Avoid eating and simultaneously take something because you will end up gaining weight. It is best you take water around fifty minutes before any meal.
  • Forget fast food, or as crux hot dog. These foods contain a whirlwind of calories you have to sweat a lot to lose them.
  • You should not only be concerned with the sugar, because the salt is as dangerous as. Too much salt contributes to high blood pressure and cause many malignant tumors in her body.
  • When you're stressed or worried about something look no eating. In these times when you mete face in chocolate or other food hypercaloric  replace it with a good run or a walk through a square to unwind. Eating will not end its voltage will increase it.
  • Take these tips not only the time you are in trouble, has that power going forward, your health will thank you. Plus you get an enviable health, their lifetime will be higher and your energy will improve.
  • Along with eating healthy, look healthy practice sports regularly and leave the dangerous sedentary life. Day after day you will stop thinking that diets do not work and schemes.
Keeping your body healthy, and the result will be very positive.

Skincare for Men tips How to Take Care of the Skin

When the male audience is increasingly dedicated to health and appearance, the generation that doesn't care or know how to dress completely out of fashion. This wave is now set and the man who in vain, in the right size. Among the various treatments, skin is the main point, because the face is your business card, so that the surface to be treated well to it look clean and well organised. In this post you will find tips on skin care for men, how to care for the skin and keeping it healthy and youthful appearance.

Skin care for men

Skin care for men

Step by step

One of the most important things to do and ensure healthy skin is to keep their diet, avoiding excess fat, fried foods and sausages. Abuse of fruits, vegetables, cereals and protein without the fat.

Make an appointment with a nutritionist, so he scheduled a balanced diet to keep your body well fed and healthy and your skin without greasiness. Swallow vitamin is also an excellent choice to ensure beautiful and bright, so invest in a complex skin vitamins containing vitamin A to Zinc;

Consult a dermatologist and ask him or her to prescribe products designed for your skin type. It is important to ensure that the products from the list is a special SOAP, cleaning products, moisturizing cream for Your particular case and the problem of excess acne is also the main drug for the treatment of oral;

Wash your face daily before going to bed and waking up with a special SOAP for your skin type, this will prevent your skin is oily or dry it two moments of your day, allowing her to breathe better and updated from time to time;

Use creams with sunscreen to moisturize and protect your skin throughout the day. This procedure will prevent sun spots, wrinkles and premature aging;

Do exercise every day because your body needs to sweat and eliminate toxins, allowing Your circulation improves and your skin breathe better by placing all the dirt from the body;

Write your skin at least once a week. The peel can be homemade or with cream for it, which is an exfoliant that removes all dead cells from the surface of your face and let your skin renewed and more beautiful.

A good example of a homemade Peel is mixed honey with sugar crystals, mixing two ingredients and apply on the skin, use a circular motion all over the area, leave it for 10 minutes and wash your face. Sugar crystals makes cleaning and honey treats the skin leaving it more beautiful and velvety;


Always seek the advice of a specialist to treat your skin properly, because if you decide to use this type of cream is not the most suitable for you, you may have an allergic reaction and your skin, rather than raise, worse.

Take a tip from the post and pamper your skin with responsibility. Good luck!

How to do Mother of the bride hairstyle

The day of the wedding of a daughter is very striking in the life of any mother who must be very elegant and beautiful, because after the bride, the eyes will be focused on her. Before the dress, which will have to be flawless, certainly the hair, the hairstyle you will choose is very important. In this article we will give tips on How to do Mother of the bride hairstyle, and that will leave you beautiful. Hairstyles for every hair type and length. Ask questions, observe that while it sounds good, it does not suit you, so that nothing goes wrong that day so special.

Mother of the bride hairstyle

Mother of the bride hairstyle

Long hair combed smooth 1 - Fishbone braid: Unlike conventional braids, braid fish spine, the hair is not divided into 3 parts, but in only two. You separate a strand on one side and then passes it to the other side and vice versa.

Hairstyle long straight hair 2 - Coke banana: It is important that the wires have texture, so start using spray or mousse to the strands. Hold hair from the middle of the head, and with the help of a fine tooth comb, shred and leave pretty messy.

Do the same with the left and right side, dividing the length and keep messing up. Attach all the hair from the tip, with a firm elastic to one side, put the rubber band between two chopsticks (chopsticks) and wrap towards the center of the head. Hold hairstyle with chopsticks and place two large clamps on the side. When you feel that coke is pretty safe, remove the strings, slipping slightly.

Hairstyle long curly hair - Modern Coke: Separate with a fine tooth comb the entire front area, like a wick, horizontally, with a maximum width of 2 fingers book. Join as if making a ponytail and secure. Then twist the ponytail like a big wick, until about 3 fingers twisted hair, attach the tail to the top with staples, and let the smaller strands fall loose. Now take the strands that aside and take up where you're stuck his tail, attach the tail to the top with staples, and let the smaller strands fall over.

Hairstyle curly short hair or medium - Ponytail: Brush all the hair back, secure in a ponytail, hide the elastic with a strand fastened with a clip, then just knead the curls and use a spray.

Hairstyle short hair - Modern messy: Shred the hair with the help of a comb, comb from the bottom up, a slightly messy. Spend spray, and with the help of the hands gives a raised, the arrangement should be placed on the opposite side fringe.

As you could see in this article, there are ways to make beautiful hairstyles, and stay well for the big day. Remember this is her day, you should be pretty good, but can in no way want to be better, and more than she appears, we hope you have learned from the tips, and good luck.

Sign up for Instagram on PC

Instagram is an app for smartphones where users share and edit photos by applying filters. Besides allowing moments and share pictures with your friends, the great appeal of Instagram is the filters. They enhance certain colors or become opaque, which allows the user to make the photo with a vintage, cheerful, gloomy or amusement, depending on the chosen filter. It also works in conjunction with social networks, allowing users to publish Instagram photos on Facebook or Twitter.

Sign up for instagram on pc

You need to have a smartphone using Android or iOS operating systems, but you can create an account application on your computer using an emulator of these operating systems. Intuitive and easy to use emulator is the Blue Stacks. Learn to use it and Sign up for instagram on pc. Following these steps, you will be able to access and post photos on Instagram even when you do not have a smartphone around.

You will need
  • Computer with internet access
  • Compatible video card and updated drivers (that support the OpenGL ES 2.0 API)
Step by step
  • Download a program which allows running applications on your computer. A free and easy program to use is the Blue Stacks
  • Install and launch the Blue Stacks.
  • Start the Blue Stacks.
  • On the Home screen, click the "Search" button, magnifying glass in the upper right corner.
  • Opens a dialog box. Type "Instagram" and then click "Find". The Instagram icon will appear along with various other applications. Click "Install" on the application icon.
  • Install Instagram as if you were using a smartphone. Then click "Register" A screen will appear asking you to enter your email, username and password. You can also enter the number of your phone and add a profile photo, but this is optional.
  • Ready. After following these steps, you already have an account on Instagram and you can use your webcam as if the camera of your smartphone.
  • How to Install Blue Stacks
  • The Blue Stacks is a heavy and high minimum hardware program. Make sure that your computer has a good video card before attempting to use it on your PC.

To install the Blue Stacks:
  • Visit the site
  • To download the program, click "Download". If you use Windows, click the green link on the left if you use MAC OSX, click the gray link on the right.
  • The file you will download is the installer of the Blue Stacks (BlueStacks-SplitInstaller_native.exe). When finished downloading, run the program.
  • The program will load and start. A new window appears with the message "Welcome to BlueStacks." Click "Continue" to begin the installation.
  • On the next screen, make sure that both options are enabled, and then click "Install".
  • Wait for the installation program. This may take a while.
After the end of the installation, the program will run normally, if your computer has the minimum hardware requirements.

You can still access sites like , or that let you integrate your open instagram account to your blog, facilitating post Instagram photos on the blog and vice versa. Take these Sign up for instagram on pc tips and enjoy sharing photos with your friends.