How to Plan a Wedding Reception?

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is where you can let loose and have fun. However, proper planning is necessary to ensure that the reception decorations reflect the feeling of the wedding, which, of course, should reflect your personal style. 

Wedding reception planning checklist

(1) Set a budget
Your reception will probably be more expensive than the wedding, so make sure you set a budget for it part.

(2) What is the wedding style?
Is it a small, casual wedding or a wedding for 1000 guests, prepared with all the bells and trappings? Ensure that the reception reflects the sense of the wedding.

(3) Location
The reception will be in a locally or in the open space? Plan for halls, reception may require heavy decorations while charming inns or outdoor venues may be naturally catchy and may not require more detailed decorations.

(4) Season and time
Whether you will take a wedding in the summer, you obviously do not want a winter style for the decoration. Time of day is also a major factor. Daytime marriage tend to be more casual, while nighttime weddings can be more elegant.

(5) Colors
The wedding colors are built in the decoration of some degree. A few brides like to fill the entire event with pastel purplish color to match the dress, bridesmaid, for example, while others like to add splashes color alternating with central Floral Bouquets. Either approach is acceptable unless the colors of the reception are consistent and in harmony.

(6) The table Settings
You may not think so, but the configuration of the tables has a big impact on the look of the reception. Most sites have a wide selection from which to choose. If you does not have the style you want, another option is to hire a rental company.

(7) Centerpiece
You can't miss it when choosing central ornaments with flowers or candles. Flowers are usually much more expensive than candles, but some sites won't allow light candles due to fire hazard.

(8) Memories
Consider incorporating souvenirs in decorating. This can be in the form of put memories in the dishes of the guests or as part of the centerpiece. Be creative by placing your own style, and aesthetic values in souvenirs. You could select memories that celebrate their cultural heritage, represent important aspects of you and your spouse. Some fun ideas include tree saplings arranged together as a centerpiece that guests take with them, or sweets wrapped in special packing on the location of the guests.

(9) Cake
Like all other decorations, the cake should resemble the feeling of the rest of the wedding. There are several styles of cakes; You'll find one that matches your wedding.

(10) Other considerations. Don't forget these extra lists when planning your wedding reception:
  • Guest book 
  • Gift table decorations 
  • The Buffet table decorations 

(11) Where to buy?
You can get most of your decorations in local stores. Get suggestions for your catering for wedding decorating shops in your area, including craft stores. They can also provide you with catalogs with wedding receptions. You can also buy on the internet for a wide range of ideas and buy items in bulk.

(12) Minimizing costs
Buy souvenirs in bulk usually helps minimize costs. For additional decoration, consider renting items; the lease allows you to add a touch of glamour to the event without adding wedding costs on items that you may never use again. You can also be part of your decor if you're creative. Craft stores typically have workshops to show you how to make decorations. In addition, they have books and magazines for you to analyze