How to Entering Code and Smiley Faces with the Keyboard

Who uses social networking, attend chat rooms or forums on the internet have probably seen many smiling faces, musical notes, the Sun, the Moon and little hearts. Many people like to put some of these symbols in a post or in a chat, but no idea how to do it.

Probably you have noticed that it is useless to look for these figurines on your keyboard. They are not there, at least not visible. To put one of these on the screen, it takes a small key combination. But nothing complicated. Anyone can make.

First, we need to use the keyboard has a numeric keypad side, the one that is right of the letters and what looks like a telephone keypad or calculator. No point using the numeric keys that are above the letters.
Being with the proper keyboard, simply follow the instructions.

smiley faces with the keyboard

Step by step
  • Open a page in Word;
  • In the Word page, press and hold the Alt key is NOT "Alt gr";
  • Still holding the Alt key on the numeric keypad to enter the number corresponding to the picture you want;
  • After entering the number, release all buttons;
  • The figure corresponding to the dialed number appears on the screen.
  • Certain sequences of numbers corresponding to a number of similar figures of the same "family." For example, the symbols of the stars in our solar system, including Pluto, are from 9790-9799 except the Sun, which is in 9788, the twelve signs of the Zodiac (9800-9811), the parts of the game of Chess (9812 to 9823), crosses (10009-10016 and 10018-10021), stars (10017, the 10022-10041, and 10059), flowers (10042-10051), among other sequences;
  • Any of these symbols will turn into a different figure entered in a special sources such as webdings. But the figure that they will become will depend on the version of Word that is being used;
  • If the source is changed to a normal sources like Times to Arial, for example, will only change the style of writing, as with any common letter or number. But some symbols simply disappear in certain types of source;
  • Some of these codes can result in a type of figure in Word and when typed into a web page become another figure. If this happens, you can enter a symbol in Word, then copy it and paste it on the website. Still, some images do not appear, because in some cases there is simply no support for that format;
  • A more interesting way to use these symbols is combining two or more of them to form another figure, and can mix them with letters, accents, slashes, and modify its source in Word. You can mount from a simple and small butterfly (Alt +603 =? / Alt +139 = ° / Alt +604 =?) To a small house, car or bus. Just use your imagination.

Now that you know how to find the hidden faces and symbols on computer keyboard, just have fun looking for new symbols and use your imagination to put together different combinations between them.
It's all in your fingertips.
Good luck!