How to do Mother of the bride hairstyle

The day of the wedding of a daughter is very striking in the life of any mother who must be very elegant and beautiful, because after the bride, the eyes will be focused on her. Before the dress, which will have to be flawless, certainly the hair, the hairstyle you will choose is very important. In this article we will give tips on How to do Mother of the bride hairstyle, and that will leave you beautiful. Hairstyles for every hair type and length. Ask questions, observe that while it sounds good, it does not suit you, so that nothing goes wrong that day so special.

Mother of the bride hairstyle

Mother of the bride hairstyle

Long hair combed smooth 1 - Fishbone braid: Unlike conventional braids, braid fish spine, the hair is not divided into 3 parts, but in only two. You separate a strand on one side and then passes it to the other side and vice versa.

Hairstyle long straight hair 2 - Coke banana: It is important that the wires have texture, so start using spray or mousse to the strands. Hold hair from the middle of the head, and with the help of a fine tooth comb, shred and leave pretty messy.

Do the same with the left and right side, dividing the length and keep messing up. Attach all the hair from the tip, with a firm elastic to one side, put the rubber band between two chopsticks (chopsticks) and wrap towards the center of the head. Hold hairstyle with chopsticks and place two large clamps on the side. When you feel that coke is pretty safe, remove the strings, slipping slightly.

Hairstyle long curly hair - Modern Coke: Separate with a fine tooth comb the entire front area, like a wick, horizontally, with a maximum width of 2 fingers book. Join as if making a ponytail and secure. Then twist the ponytail like a big wick, until about 3 fingers twisted hair, attach the tail to the top with staples, and let the smaller strands fall loose. Now take the strands that aside and take up where you're stuck his tail, attach the tail to the top with staples, and let the smaller strands fall over.

Hairstyle curly short hair or medium - Ponytail: Brush all the hair back, secure in a ponytail, hide the elastic with a strand fastened with a clip, then just knead the curls and use a spray.

Hairstyle short hair - Modern messy: Shred the hair with the help of a comb, comb from the bottom up, a slightly messy. Spend spray, and with the help of the hands gives a raised, the arrangement should be placed on the opposite side fringe.

As you could see in this article, there are ways to make beautiful hairstyles, and stay well for the big day. Remember this is her day, you should be pretty good, but can in no way want to be better, and more than she appears, we hope you have learned from the tips, and good luck.