How to Choose a Tablecloth

It would seem that it might be easier to buy tablecloths? But, dealing directly with the selection process, many housewives start losing that variety of designs, sizes, colors and textures tablecloths.


How to choose a tablecloth?

In the form, there are square, rectangular, oval and round tablecloths. Pick up this accessory today you can mount it under any form. So before you decide to buy a new tablecloth, you should ask yourself the following question series. First, why you need it. If you use it only for special occasions-holiday party, birthday and receive important guests, then this never fit White tablecloths made of thick fabric. Agree, very easily dirty white color, but it is better not to find, in order to emphasize the solemnity of the event.

Why do I need tablecloth?

First, protect the counter top from mechanical damage, and second, it serves as a means of acoustic-voice instrument mutes, plates, glasses and stemware. This is especially great for noisy party accepted, when guests to interact and talk to each other, toasts and congratulatory speeches, and knocking the device will not interfere with or distract.

If you need a simple cloth, to put a kitchen table that for every day that you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, then it would not be in accordance with the choice is certainly more practical, because with the color and quality of the fabrics do not have daily wash cloth. Very pretty and elegant look tablecloths, hooks. Unfortunately, a big noisy for a party they don't fit, but looks good on a coffee table or holiday wood, brings a special warmth and coziness spaces.

How to choose the size of tablecloth?

1. The shape and size of the tablecloths of course depends on the size of the table in which you are placed. Given the rules of etiquette, you don't need to buy one size tablecloths with top. This should be more of his down to the edge of the counter tops with 15-25 centimeters.

2. Correctly choosing the size of tablecloth is a prerequisite of quality cutlery. As the material used to sew today perform both natural and synthetic materials. Natural ingredients, sadly, very easy to collapse, so that nowadays many housewives prefer to use synthetic or semi synthetic party tablecloths.

3. They are easy to care for, with their stains are easily washed off the food and drinks. It is important in this case to choose fabric, which would correspond to the style and aesthetic appearance of the part. As mentioned above, for ceremonial activities most suitable for White tablecloths. However, if you are planning a vacation home children, and then Cain should be adjusted with image-light, cheerful.

4. To eat everyday in the kitchen, not too suitable accessories that require maintenance and frequent washing. Many housewives are not even thinly veiled kitchen table cloth, or use a tablecloth with a layer of Teflon, which need only wipe with a damp cloth, and it looks like new. On a tablecloth can be safely put a hot pan or dish.

How to choose a tablecloth color

Remember that it must be in harmony with the color of the flatware. For example, if the accessories are very bright and colorful, snow white "lost him," and vice verse, dinner set with beautiful paintings will look ridiculous on a table cloth made of cotton with a simple cell or strip.

Table setting, in this case the use of tablecloth also left room for experimentation and imagination. For example, tables can be covered with tablecloths in two contrasting colors, asymmetrical lay them on one another, and set the color of different cutlery from both tablecloths. And you can select one of the accessories according to the original theme of the holiday. Whatever it is, only one conclusion, without table tablecloth looks dull and depressing.