How to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

How to get rid of bags under the eyes? Even though you haven't thought of, sometimes age doesn't show a lot of wrinkles or gray hair. Under eye bags and dark circles are factors that also contribute to make you look older. So, is something that is worrying about the patient, they are not interesting.
How to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

What causes Under Eye Bags?

The reason for the appearance of bags under the eyes indicate serious disease of organs and systems of the human body. Early in the morning and once in the mirror you see puffy, first sort out the factors that may affect their appearance:

1. The causes of this troubling dark circle more than one more complex, probably will cause allergies, nasal problems, smoking and drinking alcohol, aging, pigmentation problems in Asia and skin – common factor black race and descent. Of course, if some days I didn't sleep for partying, dark circles are not slow to appear.

2. Eye bags are caused by aging, and the only non-surgical options that you have available is concealing bags under the eyes using makeup tricks, using makeup which includes, but does not eliminate it. Surgical and laser procedures for long-term alternatives.

3. Dark circles, also known as "raccoon eyes" is a dark pigmentation that appears under the eyes but not swollen. Affects both men and women, and although they are more common in adults, some children might be Haggard.

4. Bags under eyes (swelling under the eyes) are common as we age because the network around the eye weakened. Fats that help the eye move towards support lower eyelids, so the appearance of swelling.

How to get rid of bags under your eyes?

The good news is that the bags under the eyes is not a health problem, they are a matter of cosmetics.

Signs of fatigue, under eye bags and puffiness appear quickly in our face when we lack sleep. Do not panic, if they show up quickly, under eye bags can also be removed with a few simple and effective tips.

1. The most famous and widely regarded as the most effective against the bottom of the pouches Grandma teabag methods. Thus, after the bag is used, place in the refrigerator for about ten minutes and then place it on your eyelids. This method can relieve tired eyes.

2. The second method: use of Shea butter massage! It stimulates the micro circulation and appear to reduce dark circles. You can use this method two times a day. If not, opt for a sliced cucumber on the eyes! Almost immediately.

3. There are surgical procedures that can remove, such as eyelid surgery. Another way to get rid of the bags and rings under the eyes is through traditional treatment to eliminate wrinkles and skin (called skin) or laser procedures.

4. At home, you can help with cold compresses, sleeping with your head slightly elevated, prevent allergies and of course, get enough sleep.

5. Finally, effective treatment: rose water. Soak two cotton pads and place them on your eyes for a few minutes every day. You will notice the difference after a few weeks.

How to prevent Under Eye Bags?

- Clearly, the most effective in preventing signs of fatigue method is by applying a daily cycle of good sleep eight hours per night. In addition to gum pockets, a good night's sleep will bring skin redness and feature more smoothed out.

- However, be wary of sleeping pills, which support the creation of bags under the eyes. It is also important to avoid alcohol and tobacco, which have a negative effect on micro blood circulation, damages blood vessels and triggering the formation of pockets. If  you still have under eye bags or dark circles, It's better to consult with your dermatologist to learn more about available treatments and their effectiveness.