How to Remove Pictures From Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network at this time. It was created in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. More than one billion users are already using Facebook around the world and United States is the country with more users. Via Facebook you can share text, videos, and status updates with your friends. It also allows integration with other social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

If you want to keep in touch with old school friends, make a career network, to find out what your ex boyfriend has been up or just have fun with friends and family, Facebook is the best option.

How to Deleting photos in Facebook

But sometimes, that super embarrassing picture they took of you appear in your timeline. Or you can not find those old pictures from college are appropriate for the new new work environment.

There may be several reasons why you want to delete pictures from your Facebook, but the fact is that you want them to be deleted fast! Learn how can i remove pictures from Facebook,  and prevent their markup.

You will need
  • Computer with internet access.
  • Facebook account

How to remove pictures from facebook

  • Sign in to your Facebook account. Go to the site and enter data from your account in the field "E-mail or telephone" and "Password". Then click "Log In."
  • You will be directed to your homepage. Go through your picture albums to view your pictures, add new pictures or delete the pictures you no longer want. In the left corner of the main menu, click on "Photos".
  • On this page, there will be four tabs: "photos with you", "Photos", "Albums" and "No tags".
  • To remove the photos tab "photos with you": Hover over the unwanted picture and click the pencil icon. If you leave the mouse on this icon, a legend "Edit or Remove" appears. 
  • Click the pencil to open a menu of options. In that menu, click "report / remove" tag. Select both options ("I want to remove my tag" and "I want this photo to be deleted from Facebook") and click "Continue". 
  • You have a few options of actions, such as sending a message to the person who tagged you in the photo. Choose the desired option and click "Continue". Ready. Your score will be deleted and no longer appears this picture on your Facebook.
  • To remove the pictures, tab "Photos": hover over the pictures and click the pencil icon. A menu of options will open. In that menu, click "Delete Photo". A message asking you to confirm deletion will appear. Click "Confirm" to delete the picture.
  • To remove pictures from "Albums" tab: This tab organizes your picture in albums. . Click the desired album. To delete a picture, the process is the same to remove the pictures tab "Photos".
  • To delete an entire album, click on the cog icon next to the "Schedule" option. Then click "delete album" and confirm your desire to delete the album in the dialog box.
  • To remove the pictures tab "No tags": Just click on the "x" in the upper right corner of the pictures you want to delete.
Now that you know remove pictures from facebook, no need to worry about what your boss would think to see that embarrassing picture of the Carnival. Enjoy the frightened to learn that we should always keep our security and privacy on the Internet.