How to Stop Buying Clothes You Don't Need and Never Wear

The clothes you do not love the day the purchase is not going to like it later and you are not going to get. The trick is that the clothes you are buying makes you feel good. It is better to have few clothes that make you feel happy that you have a thousand garments have just not like and never wear.

How to Stop Buying Clothes You Don't Need and Never Wear

For starters you have to sort your wardrobe. Divide your clothes into 4 different piles:
  1. to throw
  2. to donate
  3. to repair
  4. to carry

How to Stop Buying Clothes

1. See what kind of clothes fit to you and make you feel good. This will help you identify the clothes that you like and you will almost certainly get.  Think carefully before buying clothes that would just be an event type. Interested in clothes that can easily combine and be versatile.

2. Buy only when you look good. Do not fall for a garment that's going a bit just thinking that you will lose weight, or do not you buy these jeans do not just look good but you like. Purchase clothes that will last Choose items with quality fabrics: a good jersey will last many more seasons acrylic jersey to be filled with balls in four days

3. Remember that the price does not dictate the style. If you pants are perfect and the color is perfect to combine with all kinds of clothes. Create your own style according to your personality. At the same time, do not be fooled by the oversupply That something is pretty cheap and a bit should NOT be a reason to buy.

4. Do not buy something just because it looks good. And finally, if you see when you get home you bought something that you do not like, immediately returned to the store to return it. .

To avoid useless purchase clothes in your closet when clothes fit you well and make you feel comfortable and happy. This is the easiest way to know that you are wearing the clothes.