How to Clean Your Washing Machine Thoroughly

Every appliance needs cleaning. To increase the lifetime of a product, it takes a lot of care. The washing machine also needs to be washed, because it accumulates many wastes from small particles of dirt from clothes such as wires, dust, paper, soap residue even own powder and fabric softener. This cleaning process is usually very simple and easy to perform, and can save money in the future. Below some tricks that will help keep your washing machine running longer, after all, the secret lies in the conservation and maintenance of objects!

How to Clean Your Washing Machine Thoroughly

Step by step
There are many products on the market aimed at cleaning the washing machine. However, even at home you can find solutions as good as.

Cleaning inside:
  1. Remove the removable parts of the machine and wash them in hot soapy water or neutral detergent.
  2. Add a cup of white vinegar into the machine, starting a full wash cycle. If the washing machine has a hot water system, he should be fired because assist in a more thorough cleaning. The vinegar removes mold and internal mold machine.
  3. After the first centrifugation, and add half a cup of baking soda to remove any traces of fabric softener and 
  4. soap powder. This process helps in removing the stains of the appliance. If you prefer, you can add bleach, the dose carefully, because the excess of this product may damage some components of the machine. The ideal is to use about 100 ml of bleach for every pound machine. For example: if your machine has a capacity of 4 pounds, use 400 ml of the product.
  5. For rust, use lemon juice in a new wash cycle. Sometimes, the process of rusting can be a sign that 
  6. other components of the machine are in need of revision, as the cylinder. Therefore, it is necessary to call a technician before the appliance being damaged further.

Clearing out:
Use the soft part of a sponge soaked in a bucket of water with a cup of vinegar. Clean the outside of all: the side, the cover, also under the machine. For the hardest parts of range, use cotton swabs and other materials - toothpicks - enabling access to cleaning.

A few more tips
The filters that retain the wires and other debris to loosen the clothes should be washed frequently with water only, where every new washing clothes. It is always good to pay attention to the right amount of detergent and fabric softener for each level of water as a dose in excess affect the lifetime of the appliance.

Another tip for the conservation of the washing machine always checks the pockets of clothes and remove any objects that might harm her, like coins, paper clips, and close the zippers jackets and pants, preventing it from coming into friction with the walls and the bottom of the machine. The paper, and a flat end causing dirt to clean, can infiltrate the machine mechanisms, wearing operation.

Ready! Your machine is cleaned and renovated to receive your clothes. The ideal is to repeat this process every two months. Good work and good luck!