How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger Better Than Ever

When it comes to beauty, women have always like to change some features and spots of her face or body. Many people end up submitting to the unnecessary plastic surgery to fix it. However, with some small makeup techniques you can eliminate.

How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger

Use the right and proper way is a highly effective cosmetic alternatives that can make life easier for women who want to have a larger and more sensual lips with volume.

Check out the complete guide How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger Better Than Ever

1: Exfoliate your lips gently with a little granulated sugar and honey to enable local circulation and remove dead cells, leaving a mouth with the ugly and dry. A skin peeling process also helps improve the contour of the lips and leave their well define

2: Use a good primer to moisturize the lips and prepare for the application of a lipstick. The process of hydration is important to better determine the color of the lipstick on her lips, and protect them from external such as Sun, wind, cold, corn and moisture.

3: Choose the color of lipstick that is closest to the mouth may be cream or sparkling texture. Remember that when it comes to coloring everything that we wish to highlight the makeup with bright colors and always want to get the sensation of decreased visual highlight that only use the darker color and bright. Shades of pink might end up leaving the production with air that is very childish and artificial.

4: Apply the lipstick with a brush is suitable for the application. Direct spending lipstick packaging mouth ends up with multiple layers that come more easily and endangering the durability of makeup. After applying the take a sheet of toilet paper or tissue paper and place it between your lips to remove excess product.

5: Apply a new layer of lipstick with a brush on the bottom and top lip and finish past the lips on the other to better transmit the product.

6: Fix the contours out with a cotton swab or finger. If you prefer to finish with the lip contour but always on the same line and never outside. This ultimately creates visual effects that are ugly and artificial. Another important Detail is that the color should always be bright lipstick or just like, never dark.

7: Select the type of finisher with a gloss or transparent color and gently wipe just in the middle of the lips. Brightness bring feelings of superiority that creates a visual improvement and fill the lips.

See how simple it is to have a more beautiful and bigger lips without surgery.