How to Cut Down a Tree

How to Cut Down a TreeDo you have a tree in your garden that is growing too much or you has been a problem with plumbing or walls?

Let me tell you everything that you need to know

  1. Safety First you have to ensure the direction of fall of the same to avoid accidents and clear a large area.
  2. Powerful chainsaws: there are several on the market as gasoline or electrical chainsaws, saws alligator, etc..
  3. Steps: cut the trunk where fall wedge. Make a horizontal cut on the opposite side. To pry it's down.
Surely you have recommended have to cut it down, but do not know how to cut down a tree correctly. Pay attention to these tips.

Before felling a tree
Felling a tree in your garden it is important to choose the direction where it will fall. Falling trees or large branches can cause an accident and, therefore, it is essential to plan how to fall before starting the work.

To help with the fall of the tree, use a rope. In addition you must have a suitable saw for this job. There are different types of saws, so  a professional to buy the right one. There are specific saws to cut logs and chainsaws, chain saws that are that can be electric or gasoline. Also alligator saws, which are electric and can change the blades according to the material being cut. You can even find a company that rents you this type of machinery, besides the correct safety equipment to prevent accidents.

In addition to the saw, grab the goggles, helmet, gloves and helmets for safety ears. familiar with the saw so you can not move for either side when driving. Once you have this, you can now begin the task.

Steps to cut down a tree
1. To start felling the tree follow these recommendations to make it a success. See if the shaft is bent or some large branches are hanging a specific side.

2. It is much better than the tree fall on the side that is tilted or where branches hang over, as the effort will be less.

3. The safety zone will be cleared. To calculate this area, doubles the length of the shaft you're going to cut.

4. The best way to cut down a tree is to use the method of directional felling. To do this, you have to cut a trunk in wedge on the side where it is going to fall the tree, and on the other side making a cut horizontally without being completely cut the rest of the trunk.

5. Leave about 3 cm between the wedge and cut horizontally to make the hinge. To wedge or triangle, with the saw cut the trunk down about 60 degrees of tilt, and then upwards.

6. Subsequently, if the tree is not very big, finish cutting it down with a chainsaw or a lever take down in the horizontal section.