How to Dry Nail Polish Fast

You painted your nails and then realized that they won't be dry in time? Few things are as frustrating as smudging your nails after having painted with such dedication. This article will bring you quick methods how to dry nail polish.

How to Dry Nail Polish Fast

How to Dry Nail Polish Fast and you never have to suffer through blurred nails again.

1. Apply a fast drying oil. 
These nail coatings are popular for a reason, they help your nails to dry very quickly. Finish paint your nail, then apply a quick drying finish. Can be in spray or liquid. Both work the same way.

2. Use water cold.
The glaze dries when it encounters temperatures. Before painting Your nails, fill a bowl with cold water and some ice cubes. After paint them, soak your nails in the icy water for 2 or 3 minutes.

3. Place your hands in the freezer.
In the same way that ice water works for drying your freshly painted nail, stick your hands in the freezer will dry glaze completely well. When you are finished painting Your nails, put your hands in the freezer for a few minutes to get Your nail polish to dry fast.

4. Use the hairdryer.
Your hair dryer is great for drying your hair, then why wouldn't it be also to dry your nails? Adjust your dryer to the setting "cold air" and point to your nails. Use warm or hot air will soften the glaze and it does not dry out.

5. Cover your nails with cooking oil.
Although it may sound strange, that can of cooking oil in your closet works great for drying of enamel. As soon as you're done painting your nails your nails wet thoroughly with your cooking oil. Let it sit for a minute, and then wash your hands.