DIY - Installing a Sink

The sink can be installed, but you can do it yourself. This is a fairly easy job and we will help you step by step. Take all Your tools together already, read carefully the instructions and then started with the installation.

Installing a Sink

What tools do I need?

  1. Screwdriver;
  2. Adjustable lock;
  3. Measuring tape;
  4. Pencil;
  5. Jigsaw;
  6. Brush;
  7. Drill with a speed and a broad head.

Installing a Sink

Specify the position of the sink
In most cases, you will get when buying the sink template paper provided. You can use it to cut. The exact dimensions of the worksheet If there are no templates available, you are putting the best sink upside down on a worksheet. Be sure to place both in relation to the sides, front and back of the Cabinet and check that the body indeed is in the correct position. This is to avoid the typical mistakes in which taps on the wrong side.

You can then use Your pencil the outline of the sink for signs of Your worksheet. Then you still have to sign off. The second line of the first line in doing this. The distance between the two lines is obtained is the actual width in which the tank will be rested after being placed. It's good to see how wide the edge up as possible going forward. If not, there is a shortage of chilling.

Cutting out the worksheet
Lay the sheet on the trestle desk. Now you can use a hole drill 10 mm drilling speed in the four corners of the inner line of the pencil. Then you should put a chainsaw to jigsaw in the worksheet and cut along the pencil lines the inner ring road. It is important to support when you're almost to Your worksheet, so you avoid the outbreak of the middle.

After the sheets are cut, you could probably make a protective stain. This is usually done with wooden Worktops to protect against water. Apply silicone sealant with a brush on their wounds. This prevents moisture from getting into the worksheet.

Then lay the sheet back on the base cabinets. Check the cutouts for sinks is not hindered by the top of the Cabinet. If this is indeed the cause of the issue, the bar will fit in the sink.

Adapted Sink ready to confirm
You're half way through the install. It's time to take a tap on the hand and install it. It goes without saying that you should not forget the operation cut. A grommet is required to follow the instructions crane manufacturer for optimum results. Clean siphon attached to the sink, and make sure it hangs vertically. Don't forget to put on the bottom edge of the box. Mounting Clips

The final placement of the unit cell
Make sure that you have done. All the previous steps correctly Apply sealant to the edge of the sink and left it in a hole in the pockets of the sheet. It should be firm, but smoothly. If she has been placed, you can smooth the sealant and remove any excess product.

Now screw the mounting clips on the bottom of the sink to the worksheet. In this way, the watertight seal is guaranteed. In the final step, the drain valve and sink can be connected. Channels connect it to the exhaust pipe, the valve on the supply line. Whether the entire system, or you think you have made a mistake somewhere Then You silently reading this manual and check each step.