How to Remove Dust Without Scratching Glass

Not all women have the privilege of hiring someone to do a spring cleaning at home every other week or save the maid. Others may even be, but they do the housework, and rely more on cleanliness. At such times, the dedication is likely to get enough clean your home and sometimes this requires caution a little longer than we think, especially with the window glass and clean home with the wrong way, can be colored or dirty. See what must be done to avoid this and you spend the most time possible:

How to Remove Dust Without Scratching Glass

A valuable Tip is a very dirty glass dust. In such cases, You first have to pass them a newspaper or absorbent paper to remove excess. Now only with a soft clean cloth, fiber, soaked in water or alcohol, and it will be ready.

How to Remove Dust

Another good tactic is to do a cleanup on a cloudy day when the Sun will not dry out the window before you have finished cleaning. For mirror glasses, you don't have to pour water directly into them. Furthermore, because of its delicacy, pass before a washcloth to clean dust and anything that may scratch the glass.
At the corners of the window, which always had more difficulty clearing, the ideal is to use a soft toothbrush or cotton swabs, which can reach even the toughest little room from the window. In addition to the correct way, and the secret to the window and the glass remains clean, there is also the best products and materials that help and streamline tasks, such as soaps and detergents, or specific product for cleaning.

Sandpaper, steel wool, sponge or acid should not be used, as well as ammonia, chlorine bleach, scratching the glass mirror. So they're clear, you can use an old cotton shirt, crumpled newspaper or cloth diapers. Even the chalkboard erasers clean, when passing through the window just washed and dried it, help provide warm light.
Homemade recipes
Want to leave a window and glass very clean and shiny? For that you can prepare homemade recipes! Just mix in a small spray bottle with 3 tablespoons (soup) of vinegar, ½ Cup of rubbing alcohol and a ¼ teaspoon of detergent. Finally, fill the container with water and shake well. Okay, you've got a great product, without spending almost anything for that!