Learning How to Make Waves in Your Hair

Nowadays, with all the technology available on the market it is possible to leave your hair as you want without breaking the head. The best way to a make waves in the hair, an easy and quick way is to use a curling iron.

How to Make Waves in Your Hair

Protect your hair with a heat protector
Before you begin styling your hair, you have to protect your hair from the high temperature, by applying heat shield. The hair is completely dry, divided into several sections and Scrunch, strands by strands, from the tips. Wait about 30 seconds and then releasing the key carefully.  After all the hair is flat, swipe the less defined, more natural-looking waves. Finish with application of fixative.

With Brush
To smooth the bumpy conferred some volume and movement to the ends of the hair, waves created with brushes and drying is always a good choice.

To make a little wavy at the ends, and the volume at the Crown, bet with the broad brush brushing, start by lifting the roots to dry out your hair from bottom to top, working and then the tips only. Wrap small sections of hair, while directing the heat from the dryer. For maximum effect, apply fixative.

Create Natural Waves
If you want a naturally wavy hair, no waves too structured or prepared, not need to deploy the equipment or heat. After washing your hair,partially dried,leaving just a little moist. Then wrap the long hair and the make the catch on the top of the head, without too much curl your hair,do not leave him Weakened. Let your hair drying is finished in this way. After a while, let your hair down and comb through with your fingers.

With Rollers
Traditional rolls can be very useful if you want to define the wave. To get the effect of a bumpy, winding must be wide,without the need to wait that long, as curling. Start applying the rollers along the strands and remove after two hours. Comb with your fingers and apply bindings to lasting results.