How to Wash a Cotton Blouse

Of all fabrics, what else is good for your skin is cotton. That's because it is natural, and have more staying power, a better touch, very fit and will be freshly baked, let the skin breathe better. Therefore, the advantages of synthetic fabric of cotton. But even with improved durability can not dispose of cotton cloth in the washing machine fixed and then complain that he has worn, chipped, fade or shrink.

So you can continue to use the same blouse that you buy in the winter, all spring, summer and autumn, you have to follow some rules of washers. So keeping cotton clothes they appear like new even after many washings.
How to Wash a Cotton Blouse

Step by step to Wash a Cotton Blouse
  1. Wash your blouse so it misses. For the longer a dirt gets into the tissue, the more it sticks and stain. Further, if it is white light or any color.
  2. The ideal is not flinching: soiled, place for washing clothes next amount.
  3. Even if the blouse is really stained or heavy dirt, before taking it to the wash spill one or two jets spray stain remover or some other type of stain remover machine, only on the local affected.
  4. Take your shirt to averse, so the chance of its fraying, discoloration or stain is much smaller. Do this even if you have stains, because you will have already done the previous step, to put stain remover on possible dirt.
  5. Join your cotton sweaters of the same hue and place them in a pillow case with zipper, so they do not escape from there during washing. 
  6. Do not forget to use a pillowcase that is also a neutral color that does not release ink and do not run the risk of tarnishing their blouses.
  7. Place the pillowcase with sweaters in the machine and then put a soap for fine clothes. Put some fabric softener, the smell can be a delight, but its overuse can damage the fabric of her blouse.
  8. Wash clothes in delicate cycle, so there is no error. Thus, both the beat for washing, as to spin, the machine will take due care.
  9. If you have a clothes dryer, put the blouse for a maximum of 10 minutes. Then extend the clothesline in the shade. Put the blouse at the time under the armpits and a preacher at each end. Or hang it on a hanger already, what is best for not scoring when dry.
  • Wash blouses with strong colors with cold water, not to fade.
  • Have sweaters, soft color wash with warm water.
  • If you prefer to wash your sweaters on hand, fill the tank with cold or lukewarm water, then dilute the washing powder or liquid. Join the clothes and let them soak for about 5 minutes. Wash them gently, try not to put strength and stretch or parts.
  • The white shirts should be washed regularly.
  • The spots that may appear on your sweaters should be removed immediately so do not stick.
Now that you know How to Wash a Cotton Blouse and how to care for it, Good luck!