How to do at Home Manicure

No matter the season, we all want to always have beautiful nails and well-maintained. Of course, when it's summer, the season allows us to use the moccasin open and allowing us to showcase all of our feet, though you always have the perfect pedicure makes you feel beautiful, even when cold does not allow you to send it

How to do at Home Manicure

How to Apply a Manicure at Home

So if you want to have your feet done all year here we will teach you some tips and tricks at home manicure

1. Invest a small amount to buy a kit with all the necessary equipment for manicure and pedicure, nail scissors, cuticle scissors, wooden comb and a file either by hand peeling also bought the jacket lightweight and special products for the paint to dry faster.

2. The contents of the container with warm water to soak your feet, add us if you want to effect the relaxation, bath salts, sea salt or some simple products for feet that are sold in herbal medicine and Perfumery. Cuticle cream or before placing the hand cream in the area, leave the water for 5 or 10 minutes.

3. The shoes we wear and lack of care causes calluses on the feet, clean with pumice stone to make them look better and then pass it on moisturizer.

4. Remove one foot of water, Pat dry and use a sponge to rub the skin, the size of the cuticle to delete them and then cut them. Then present your nails with the desired shape, but beware of a very sharp instrument.

5. Before applying the varnish gloss using nail cleaner that has these files, it works with all types of nail and allows you to remove a layer of yellowish sometimes makes frequent use of glazes, and make them more pleasant and clean.

6. Use the transparent glaze that will help you protect your nails, you can also use a specific theme such as a moisturizer. Remove the other leg from the water and repeat the process.

7. Put a layer of enamel gloss to protect your work, then apply a coating of enamel flat is very important because in a few minutes is that your nails are completely dry, prevent contact from damaging. When you are finished, you can show the foot clean and perfect.