How to Straighten Hair

Straight hair is a long trend, this occurs because of the practicality of hegemony aligned. Nowadays, with all this technology very simple to straighten your hair perfectly and look completely natural, the choice is yours: flat iron, hair dryer, massage, smoothing, softening, relaxation and among many other selections. You can select the best one for your needs and are best for your hair.
How to Straighten Hair

Learn how to straighten hair without losing its natural tone 

Before straightening it's best to wash your tresses. Freshly washed and slightly wet is more susceptible to treatment Straightens your tresses should start from the Groove above the neck, and you should move the straightener slowly, lines to the front of the head.  Do the motion slow enough, you can repeat the action.

Iron and flat brushes
The first trick to getting the perfect flat by using flat irons and brushes comes at bath time, use a deep cleansing shampoo to remove all waste products used in the previous days that caused loose wires, even in the bathroom to use the effect channel quickly to moisturize and help us in time to straighten the locks. The temperature of the iron coming in could damage the locks so it is very important to have in the hands of antipyretic effects to apply before the start of the planning.
- A flat iron can leave the ends of the skewers of hair, so there is a very effective trick, when you reach the end of the axis to turn the device on or off or use a curling iron on the ends just to give the hair a natural look.

- Cool tip is to loosen the roots to provide fuller and more natural looking hair, for that subjecting your head and use the dryer is very close to the root, and then straightening the hair by hand.

- To lower the mane a undesirable up high after using the dryer and flat-iron, throwing cold air jet on their mane. If you don't want to wash your mane while showering, use a cloth which do not allow manes to become moist and protect them from the heat.

- To keep the flat-iron or the brushes are the most important things will not stay the hands all the time and not endlessly spinning hair, these actions cause hair greasiness doesn't come down until the tip and all the oiliness concentrated only in the skin of the scalp, causing the iron lasts at most half a day.


Smoothing can revitalize, gives shine and softness, plus a perfect, smooth and natural that you want. You can select products that leave your hair with a flat or drained with some undulations, allows the movement and naturalness.

After smoothing needed extra attention, it is important not to use dyes and even color change for at least six months of not damaging the hairs. Smoothing can be hard, so it is very important that hydration is taken each month for the restoration of the hairs.

The smoothing is usually worn by the length of the mane, which can vary in price. As you can see, having straight hair is fairly easy. Select how to correct hair straightening techniques and enjoy, remember to keep strands hydrated with a good to get a natural softness and shine.